Mastersons Evolution Ceramic Spray Coating

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Masterson’s Evolution Ceramic Spray Coating is the next level in vehicle protection. Designed with advanced Si02 technology to create the world’s ultimate spray coating. Masterson’s Evolution Ceramic Spray Coating delivers super hydrophobic protection to any car, truck, motorcycle, RV, boat, and aircraft. Optical gloss enhancers create a brilliant shine with maximum reflection. Masterson’s Evolution Ceramic Spray Coating applies on the surface and instantly protects for up to 12 months. Innovative Si02 Ceramic Spray Coating blocks harmful UVA and UVB solar rays for durable protection in any environment. Silica infused coating creates a crystal shine finish on all colors. Masterson’s Evolution Ceramic Spray Coating creates an invisible shield repelling water, dirt, and grime away from the surface. Makes your car easier to dry after every wash. Experience professional-grade ceramic technology in an easy-to-use spray coating. Take your detailing to the next level with Masterson’s Evolution Ceramic Spray Coating.

DIRECTIONS: Shake Well – Wash surface before application – For best results, remove contamination using clay bar and polish paintwork for maximum shine - Apply Evolution Ceramic Spray Coating directly to surface using a premium microfiber applicator pad or towel - Allow 30 seconds for coating to bond to the surface – Buff off coating to a brilliant shine – Do not expose vehicle to water or moisture for 3-5 hours while coating is curing – Maintain vehicle using Masterson’s Evolution Ceramic Auto Wash Soap.


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